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A hippie at heart,
with her feet firmly on the planet

Hiya, kindred spirit!

Sustainable businesses like yours are our ticket to a better future. Your mission and vision deserve to be heard, all the way from the Arctic to Antarctica. 

And thát is exactly my mission!

​I graduated as a Master in Multilingual Corporate Communication in 2015. Ever since, I've been writing for a wide array of companies. As my skills grew stronger, so did my passion for sustainability. 

At the start of 2020, I decided to go solo as a freelance sustainability copywriter. This way, I could help multiple businesses at once and make the biggest impact possible. 

I'm a bit of a hippie at heart, but have my feet firmly on the ground as an entrepreneur. Down-to-earth with a dash of sass and a splash of daunting tongue twisters.


Managed to say this three times?

Right, we're ready to roll! 


The mouth speaks what the heart is full of

Clean beauty

As the daughter of two chemists, I’ve always loved a good beauty DIY. But when spare time became sparse during college, I happily started experimenting with ready-made products from clean cosmetics brands.

I’m certified in Natural Cosmetics and a herbalist to be, so INCI's and labels hold no secrets for me.

Green health_edited.jpg

Sustainable food

After visiting a Thai fish market six years ago, I became a full-time vegetarian. This decision sparked my research into nutrients and a healthy, plant-based diet.

By volunteering on many organic farms & food forests around the globe, I became truly passionate about clean & ethical food, respecting the farmers, the animals and the planet.

Green lifestyle_edited.jpg

Eco-friendly lifestyle

I used to be a fast fashion buyer, a frequent flyer and a mindless consumer overall. But after watching ‘The True Cost’ and ‘Minimalism: A Documentary’ in 2016, things changed for good.

Nowadays, I only buy what I really need, from sustainable brands or second hand. My bicycle is my loyal companion wherever I go, green energy heats my house and all my conversations.

The best people on the planet.

Caroline helped me write product descriptions for my webshop and several blog articles. She delivers fluent, SEO-optimized texts, is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. She also respected my own style of writing. This way her texts beautifully matched the ones I had written before.

Anne Drake - Founder @ Ecologie op Hoge Hakken

Why pick me as your copywriter

Sustainable biz is booming, but so are sustainability copywriters. As an ecopreneur, you have a lot of options for your next content king or queen. So why pick me? 

Hassle-free guarantee

You hire a copywriter to have less work, not more. As a proud perfectionist, I guarantee ready-to-publish results, error-free and within the agreed deadlines. Always.

Personal approach

When you work with Wasteless Words, you work with me. No agency, no complex processes, no endless meetings. Let's get to know each other over a cuppa in Zoom. I'd love to learn all about your business, you as a person, and sure, even the names of your pets!

Quality by experience

Sure, anyone can be a professional copywriter. But not after following one course on Skillshare. Practice makes perfect. After graduating as a Master in Multilingual Corporate Communication, I've worked for 7+ years as a content creator for a wide array of companies.

Sector knowledge

Thanks to 5+ years of working in the sustainability sector, I know your customers, your competitors and your challenges. I know the jargon ánd how to translate it into scroll-stopping content that your target audience will rave about.

Copy like you'd write it

As a Myers-Briggs INFJ type, I love finding out people's quirks and the things that make them tick. These insights help me to write copy that seamlessly fits the unique voice and personality of my clients. 

Passion for sustainability

I'm not just your copywriter. I'm your customer, your ambassador, your biggest fan. I switched to buying sustainably many years ago and have never looked back. I get why you do what you do, cause that's why I do what I do too. Peace out!

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